Treyarch releases trailer for new Black Ops II Zombies map Uprising

Earlier today, Call of Duty: Black Ops II developer Treyarch released a new trailer formally introducing Uprising, the new Zombies map debuting in the next round of downloadable content. The pack will drop April 16 for Xbox 360, and sometime in May for the PlayStation 3 and PC.

The trailer, under three minutes long, introduces players to the four new characters who will be pitted against endless hordes of zombies at Alcatraz: mobsters Chazz Palminteri, Joe Pantoliano, Michael Madsen, and Ray Liotta.

The video shows off several new gadgets and abilities that will be available to players, including new traps, weapons, and means of transport. Check out the full trailer below.

Are you excited for this upcoming Zombies map? Many long-time Zombies fans claim that what was originally intended to be a mini-game has become far too complicated and over-hyped. Head over to our community forums to let us know if you agree.