Trophy Hunting Primer: Hunter Archetypes

Welcome to PSU.com’s series on the world of Trophy hunting. Join our hosts Skip Williams and Max Platinum as they give you the inside scoop on how to achieve success as a Trophy hunter and take your game to the next level. From trying to beat your friends, to going to the top of the world ranking, they bring you the in-depth analysis found no where else.

Skip: Welcome everyone to a new year of competition as the Christmas season is over and our competitors are eager and ready to start hearing the dings of Trophies ring in the air. I’m your host with the most, Skip Williams, with the doctor of trophinomics, Max Platinum. Max, it is a new year, a new season, what do we have in store for our viewers?

Max: Well Skip, we are bringing a whole new program to the network to teach the tips and tricks behind getting better at hunting Trophies. It is a simple fact, Trophies are here to stay and are a big part of gaming. But what is the difference between the elite and the amateur, the hardcore and the casual, the rookie and the veteran? That is what will discover in this new series.

Skip: In tonight’s episode we are going to start from square one and discuss the most important aspect of Trophy hunting. Any information we talk about in future episodes becomes useless without this very simple concept figured out. What kind of Trophy hunter are you and how do you use your archetype as an advantage to maximize your PSN level.

Max: Pick any sport in the world from hockey to soccer and cricket to water polo; not every player is the same. There are different positions, different styles, different mentalities that makes every team and player unique. Trophy hunting is the same. If you hate grinding out the feathers in AC2 that could mean you are not apt at being a platinum streaker, but you got sweet skills at head shotting so you might be genre specialist.

Skip: Max, what kind hunter are you?

Max: The maximum kind, of course.

Skip: Right…sure…so, the first kind of hunter is simply the basic Trophy hunter. A jack-of-all trades, but master of none, Trophy hunters just find fun in unlocking Trophies in games they enjoy playing. Look at their Trophy list and it might look discombobulated but if there is a high percentage it means it was something they liked.

Max: If you are the kind of gamer who knows what he likes but doesn’t go out of his way to grind out insanely stupid Trophies like 100 feathers in Assassin’s Creed 2, you fit in this category. Seriously, what developer thought it’d be fun to find useless feathers? Anyways, the key to your success is find games you like. Getting a high PSN level is not as hard as you think. Just be willing to experiment with game genres and series you like. Percentages and platinums are not your focus so if you get twenty bronze Trophies from ten games and had fun then you are doing it right. The total number of Trophies is your concern, not the quality.

Skip: Be careful though, as the Trophy hunter archetype is only a flirtation away from being a trophy whore. They have the same strengths but one subtle flaw that makes going down the darkside dangerous.

Max: People ask me all the time, “Max, what is the difference between a Trophy hunter and a Trophy whore?” The difference is a twisted form of fun. Both don’t care about quality, as they enjoy hearing the ding, but the Trophy whore gets fun from hearing the ding while the hunter gets fun from playing the game to get the ding. If you are playing games you hate or would be ashamed of playing aka Hannah Montana, only to hear the Trophies pop up, then you are a Trophy whore. Congratulations!

Skip: But Max, being a whore is not all bad is it? Aren’t tournaments all about getting as many Trophies as possible?

Max: Yes, this is the dangerous side of facing a Trophy whore in a normal tournament. They will outgun you. They will play Hannah Montana, Disney games, anything quick and easy. The quicker the game, the better for them as they can move onto the next one as quick as possible. So if you enter in a tournament and get crushed by someone in the first round due to Disney games, well, you faced a Trophy whore. Better luck next time.

Skip: On the polar opposite side of the spectrum is the Perfect Platinum Streaker aka PPS’er. Whores don’t care about quality while these guys do. The PPS’ers are the hardcore of the hardcore. The only kind of hunter more hardcore than them is the 100% group.

Max: If you like to platinum everything you play then this is your archetype. You won’t play anything as you’re not a whore, but you won’t say no to something easy after finishing off GTA IV. The trick to getting a high level as a PPS’er is finding a group. No, I am not saying account share. Find a group of other PPS’ers to work together boosting, motivating, and figuring out new tricks to completing those annoying grinding Trophies faster. Getting the plat is goal number one so others who need it as well will easily congregate together for multiplayer Trophies because they know you are reliable. Is the platinum finished? Nope, so then the show must go on.

Skip: What if I don’t want to platinum every game I play? What if those 10,000 kills in Resistance 2 is just too much of a grind?

Max: Then you are not a PPS’er but just a simple platinum hunter. The platinum hunter is like the Trophy hunter with the only difference being the hunter wants the platinum. The other Trophies are good, but are just a bonus. The plat is what they are after. Just like the PPS’er, platinum hunters make for great boosting partners until the platinum is finished. But also find lots of games that are fun that do not require online. Nothing is worse for any kind of hunter, especially a platinum hunter, than to have to spend 50 hours grinding away XP online in dead servers.

Skip: I like Final Fantasy and have all the plats, the same with Yakuza and Disgaea. My PSN level is not that high though.

Max: Welcome to the world of the genre specialist. This archetype is a genre specific version of the platinum hunter. They will platinum any game in the genre they love. Their Trophy card, while small, is tightly packed and of a high quality. Being a genre specialist means accepting that you’re PSN level is not going to be top of the charts. But instead, solace can be taken that you are the go-to guy for specialized tournaments. Not every tournament is about just points. Sometimes it is also about the quality of the Trophy, and if you have every plat for a series like Yakuza, you are a diamond in the rough that can put up big points for a team tournament.

Skip: We talked about the hunter, whore, PPS’er, platinum, and specialist archtypes. But why is knowing this important? Why is knowing I’m a Trophy whore going to improve my Trophy haul, Max?

: It helps you focus on cutting away the fat from your game lineup for those big tournaments. If a tournament is coming up and it has a weighted score board, meaning the quality of the Trophy changes the score value, then it is not the kind of tournament for the trophy whore. Assuming the guy is not going to make a throw away account, once the Trophy is unlocked there are no retries. Waste all those Hannah Montana type games in a weighted score board tournament and now there is nothing to play for the marathon tournament with no weighted scores.

Skip: We have a question from a viewer who writes “I really like to play Disney games. Why does that make me a Trophy whore?” Interesting question, Max. The general consensus is Disney games are not that elite and are kiddie Trophies. How can we tell the difference between a mother playing Toy Story with her child and someone who just wants a higher level?

Max: This takes a little bit of leg work, Skip. Check out their Trophy card. If they have couple Disney games platinumed then probably the person has a kid or just had fond memories of the franchise as a kid themselves, like Toy Story. But if you look at their list and literally every single Disney game is there then it is almost a certainty you are dealing with a professional.

Skip: The Trophy hunter, Trophy whore, platinum hunter, perfect platinum streaker, and the genre specialist, 5 basic archetypes to describe your Trophy hunting abilities and accomplishments. That is all the time we have for this episode of Skip and Max’s Prime Time Gaming. Next episode we will delve into the world of boosting. Live from the Tokyo Dome, for Max Platinum I’m Skip Williams saying good night and good gaming.