Trophy of the week : Far Cry 3 – Say hi to the internet

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Welcome to Trophy of the Week, the PSU column which celebrates PS3 and Vita trophies in all their various forms: be they hard, secret, clever, quirky or just plain tricky to achieve. Each week we’ll take a look at a trophy, show you how to achieve it and examine what may have influenced its design. Please be aware that this feature will include spoilers so stop reading now if you don’t want to know any more about the trophy and the game under discussion.

This week I am going to look at the Far Cry 3 trophy entitled, " Say hi to the internet." This particular trophy caught my eye for two reasons: the clever way it was hinted at in Far Cry 3 previews, and how it shows that truth is just as strange as fiction.

Here’s how it works.

You will need to travel to coordinates X:620 Y:557 on the North island. To get there quickly fast travel to the outpost by Rock Point Tower. Once you get to the coordinates you are going to see a head buried in the sand; interacting with the head unlocks the achievement and the trophy is yours.

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After you’ve got the trophy, you might think that the head looks familiar ? Lets take a look at the Far Cry 3 box art.

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As you can see the clue to the head’s location was on the front of the game, but how did its owner get there in the first place?

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The story of how the head came to be can be found in the Machinima Far Cry 3 prequel videos starring Christopher Mintz-Plasse here. They are a darkly funny tale about how TV programs can go horribly wrong, and shows Christopher’s capture and torture by Far Cry 3 villain Vass who buries him in the sand. Vass then posts an online video where people could vote on whether Christopher should live or die, which is where the trophy gets it internet-connected name from. The videos and trophy got me thinking; has anything as bad as the fate of Mr Mintz-Plasse ever been on TV and inspired this trophy ?

The first thing that struck me was that the fake nature of Christopher’s Far Cry reality show draws a parallel with reality survival star Bear Grylls. He admitted for his show Born Survivor he had not camped in the wilderness each night, but instead stayed in a hotel. OK, so Grylls was a bit of a faker but Christopher’s Far Cry documentary also places him in danger, and I was curious to discover if there were any TV shows that were similar. Well, it seems people have died filming the show Survivor and nature presenter Steve Irwin died from a stingray attack while filming his nature show.

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But have any stars ever been killed by terrorists like in Far Cry 3 ? Well, sadly the answer is yes. Ex-Navy Seal and star of reality show Combat Missions Scott Helvenston, was shot by insurgents in Fallujah while working for the producers of that show, but not while actually filming.

So there you go TV shows can it seems prove quite deadly to their stars, perhaps it might be better if you didn’t watch these horrific programs and did something less violent instead, like play Far Cry 3.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed trophy of the week if you have any suggestions for further trophies to discuss why not drop me an email at [email protected], and if they’re quirky and fun then I’ll write them up and credit you as well.