Two more PlayStation Network titles withdrawn

PlayStation Network titles Crash Bandicoot 2 and Spyro 2 have both been withdrawn from the online download service this week due to technical faults, with Sony announcing the company will be “communicating directly” with consumers who purchased the games "within the next 10 days".

Posted in a discussion thread on’s official forum, a statement reads: "We are currently investigating the reports of issues associated with MediEvil and Spyro 2. This investigation is highly technical and requires some time to work through.”

"We are making progress and we will be communicating with people who bought these items directly within the next 10 days”, adding, "For Crash Bandicoot 2 the situation is more clear as its removal was purely precautionary. We are optimistic that the title will be back in the store shortly.”

These issues come on the heels of a crash bug recently detected in the PSN release of PlayStation title MediEvil, which renders the game unplayable after reaching the third stage; the title was recalled as a result, and has yet to be returned to the PlayStation Store. Stay tuned for any further developments here at PSU.