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Ubisoft Has Delayed An Undisclosed “Large Game” Which Would’ve Originally Released March 2024 Into Its Next Fiscal Year

Ubisoft has announced a delay, though we don’t know what the delay is for. All the project is identified as is a “large game” that many are speculating could be the incoming Star Wars: Outlaws.

In its financial report for the first half of its fiscal year, Ubisoft confirmed that it would be pushing back a game it just called “the other large game” due to the “overperformance” it experienced in its second quarter.

“The overperformance in Q2 and the current positive momentum of Ubisoft’s brands build confidence for the rest of the year.

The Company can therefore confirm its announced guidance of strong top line growth and non-IFRS operating income of approximately €400 million, without releasing the other large game it had initially planned to launch during the last quarter of the current fiscal year.

The Company has decided to launch this other large game in FY2024-25, so as to maximize its value creation.”

With Star Wars: Outlaws only ever having a release window of “2024,” it could very likely be that it had a March release date, though could now appear later in the year.

Star Wars is after all big enough that it could very easily take the Fall season spot which Assassin’s Creed Mirage had for Ubisoft this year.

We also know this isn’t its coming Avatar: Frontiers Of Pandora title, because further in the document Ubisoft re-confirms that it is still launching on December 7, 2023.

So Star Wars: Outlaws fits the bill for what Ubisoft could be talking about here better than any of its other projects. What’s thankful to know though for players keen to jump into Outlaws, is that this delay doesn’t mean Outlaws won’t release in 2024.

It’ll just probably release towards the end of the year, unless of course it gets further pushed into 2025.

Source – [Ubisoft via VGC]