Ubisoft reveals Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon soundtrack

Today details were revealed by Ubisoft of the soundtrack for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, due to be released next week.

The DLC begins with Far Cry 3’s standard setting before tearing it apart and mixing in a cheesy 80s sound. While a spoof, it’s great homage to the music of that decade.

Power Glove is the group behind the 25 pieces that make up the soundtrack, which you can see in detail below.

With one week to go until the game is released, Ubisoft has also unleashed an 8-minute long trailer showing game footage and a unique twist on the world of Fry Cry 3.

Blood Dragon is available for download on PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 on May 1.

Full Tracklist:


·Rex Colt
·Blood Dragon Theme
·Moment of Calm
·Dr Elizabeth Darling
·Power Core
·Sloan’s Assault
·Blood Scope
·Combat I
·Combat II
·Combat III
·Omega Force
·Rex’s Escape
·Love Theme
·Sleeping Dragon
·Cyber Commando
·Death of a Cyborg
·Blood Dragon Theme