Ubisoft says ‘something around Assassin’s [Creed]’ will hit in 2011

Yves Guilletmot, CEO of Ubisoft, has teased that gamers can expect “something around Assassin’s [Creed]” to release in 2011, though remained tight-lipped as to what exactly the company has up its sleeves.

Speaking to investors last night, the company’s chief financial officer Alain Martinez also chipped in on the matter, hinting that we could expect details to emerge some time in the New Year.

"Maybe after Christmas in January we’ll be able to talk about what kind of product we have,” he offered.
Furthermore, Guillemot added that the new game forms part of the publishing giant’s plans to churn out several “major brands” on a yearly basis.

"We want to come out every year with three or four major brands that will deliver a high level of profitability," he said, adding, “That’s the goal we have today."

The latest entry in the Assassin’s Creed franchise, AC: Brotherhood, sneaks on to store shelves throughout North America from today. A European release follows on Friday.