Ubisoft still backing the PSP

French publisher Ubisoft has said that it is still highly supportive of Sony’s PlayStation Portable system, maintaining its belief that the portable gaming device continues to hold a “unique” place within the market.

Speaking to, a company spokesperson commented, "By way of further clarifying some recent statements made in the press, Ubisoft wants to reaffirm that it strongly supports the PSP, which holds a unique place in the market, addressing dedicated gamers and offering unprecedented power in a portable console.”

The statement arrives following last week’s comments from Ubisoft’s UK Managing Director, Roy Cooper, who said that Sony is currently “in no mans land,” and called for the platform holder to outline a clearer strategy for the handheld.

Despite these reservations and declining sales in Europe, the PSP continues to thrive in Japan, where it has enjoyed massive success on the back of several high profile software releases including Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII and Monster Hunter 2nd G.