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UK PS5 Stock September 2021 – GAME Restocking PS5 On Sept. 14, 2021

New PS5 Stock, When Is PS5 Back In Stock UK, PS5 Stock 2021, PS5 Stock September 2021 Is PS5 Back In Stock. Sony‘s PS5 stock shortages have been plaguing the new console since its release last November, and in the UK, many folk have been forced to wait until the New Year to get their hands on a shiny new PS5.

Fortunately, we know that leading retailers such as Amazon, Argos, Currys and more will be restocking Sony’s new telly box, so we’ve put together this handy article so you know when it’s in stock.

PS5 UK Stock September 2021 – When Is PS5 Back In Stock? (Updated September 14, 2021)


The retailer currently does not have any PS5s in stock, and still displays the same message confirming it will not be restocked for the rest of 2020. Hopefully, this will be updated soon. Keep an eye out via the links for the PS5 Standard and PS5 Digital Edition provided.

However, you should take note of this workaround that allows you to put items from your wish-list to your basket using the Argos app.


PS5 consoles have now sold out again at Amazon UK.

Currys PC World

Currys PC World currently seems to not have any stock available after errors with the website.


GAME is putting new PS5 stock live on the morning of September 14, 2021. No time was specified, but the last few restocks have gone live at 10.00am, so keep checking the site.


Scan has announced that it has received PS5s which will be available soon as a part of a bundle, so stay tuned to their website.


Jack-of-all-trades retailer Tesco currently only has two matches when you search ‘PS5,’ and they’re games. There are no consoles listed at all, and no further info is available.


A PS5 restock for the regular and digital edition appears to now be sold out. However, it has been reported that new stock is coming to the retailer as soon as next week.

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