UK retailer confirms PS3 GTA IV bundle

A UK-based retailer has confirmed previous reports that a Grand Theft Auto IV PlayStation 3 bundle will be released in Europe to coincide with the game’s release later this month.

According to Shopto, the bundle is definitely on its way and will be released on April 29, though admits there is some confusion as to who is set to distribute the product, with duties falling to either Gem (who has exclusive rights with publisher Take-Two) or Sony’s own distributor, Centresoft.

Igor Cipolletta, Chief Operating Officer of Shopto, commented, "We know for a fact it is coming out in Europe and we are expecting an announcement in the UK any time.”

"We are not sure if Gem or Centresoft are distributing it yet, that seems to be the hold up,” he added.

The bundle is set to retail for GPB 299.