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Ultimate Destruction Sandbox Heist Adventure Teardown Is Coming To PS5

teardown ps5 trailer

At long last Teardown, the widely acclaimed (just check out that ‘overwhelmingly positive’ Steam user score) sandbox heist adventure is finally coming to PS5 – so sayeth the reveal trailer for the game at today’s PlayStation Showcase.

Boasting stunning voxel visuals, Teardown separates itself from just about everything else on the market by allowing players practically limitless potential to destroy whatever they like. Trying to escape a burning building but can’t find a door? Simple, just make one in the side of the nearest wall with a hand grenade. Need to gain entry to securely locked bottom floor of a building? Also simple – just ram a massive great armoured SUV through it.

Teardown is hugely innovative stuff that thrives off of player ingenuity and I for one cannot wait for it when it finally releases on PS5 later this year.

You can catch the debut PS5 trailer for Teardown below: