Uncharted 4 developer has ‘renovated’ facial animations for PS4-exclusive sequel

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End developer Naughty Dog has described how the studio is pushing for realistic facial animations with the hotly anticipated adventure sequel.

Speaking to GamesTM, game writer Josh Scherr made it clear that the upcoming PS4-exclusive, which was recently delayed to spring 2016, will be a considerable step up in terms of how characters are able to convey subtle emotions in comparison to earlier Uncharted games.

We have completely renovated the facial animation. In previous games like Uncharted and The Last of Us, the characters were from 90 to 100 ‘joints’ in their faces. Now, all the faces have 300 to 500 joints,” said Scherr. 

This allows us to be more detailed and more faithful, so as to give greater emphasis to what the characters say, and use poses that we could not use before. It allows us to better tell our stories, animate our characters – we hope that all of you will notice that it will be something more than just a technical feature; something that binds the emotions the characters.”

Uncharted 4 was recent listed for an April 22, 2016 release date by GameStop Italy

via Attackofthefanboy