Uncharted censored in Japan

In a similar move to Resistance: Fall of Man, the Japanese release of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune has been heavily censored in the region, removing any blood from combat.

When played on a Japanese PS3, the game been censored so that when enemies are shot they do not bleed. Furthermore it is a hardware-related issue, meaning it will not matter which region the game has been purchased from, as it will still remain censored on a Japanese machine.

When Resistance: Fall of Man was launched in Japan it was also treated in a similar manner to Uncharted, but owners were able to find a way around it by simply downloading a US save file from the internet.

This simple fix does not work for Uncharted. Apparently, the game will not even recognize the file when copied over to the Japanese system, and when attempting to overwrite the Japanese save file with the US save file, the file will just become the corrupted

The Japanese system which this was tested on was a 60GB model with parental controls off and the game was a North American version of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.

Source: Kotaku