Uncharted: Fight for Fortune outed

A new Uncharted game for PlayStation Vita has been outed on the Brazilian ratings board.

Don’t get too excited though; Uncharted: Fight for Fortune isn’t a fresh stab at the action-adventure franchise, but rather a casino card game spin-off.

The game isn’t in development at Naughty Dog either, and is instead appears to be handled by the chaps at One Loop Games. Not heard of them either? Well, just in case you wondered, they’re a “cutting edge, full-service game development studio.”

One Loop’s credits include Star Wars Episode 3, Full Spectrum Warrior and The Saboteur for consoles, and have pumped out various mobile titles including God of War: Betrayal, Ratchet & Clank: Going Mobile, Spider-Man 3, Wheel of Fortune and James Bond: Casino Royale.

The company has yet to officially announce its involvement with the project, though the company’s official website states it is working on two secret projects. It describes one as its “first big game,” which is now complete. “Suffice it to say, it’s unlike nothing you’ve ever seen before – and it’s really fun! When you see it, you’re going to love it! Hopefully we’ll be able to announce it soon!”

The other game is currently in development: “Unfortunately, we can’t make this one public yet until we get a little further along on the project. Check back often, as we’ll be making an announcement about this one soon!”

Either of these could be Fight for Fortune, and the ratings board lists One Loop Games as the project’s “author.”

Fight for Fortune will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Stay tuned for more information as we get it.

Translation via NeoGAF