Uncharted movie eyes Seth Gordon

Deadline reports that Seth Gordon, director behind Horrible Bosses and The King of Kong, is currently in talks with Sony to get the planned movie adaptation of Uncharted off the ground.

According to the site, David Guggenheim of Safe House fame is said to have penned the latest script for the action-adventure flick.

Uncharted has had a troubled history, with numerous names having been attached to the project before ultimately jumping ship. First, we had David ‘O Russell, who made the controversial decision to have Nathan Drake played by Mark Wahlberg as part of a mobster-style family of treasure hunters.

‘O Russell later jumped ship, and was replaced by Neil Burger, who was keen to re-write the entire script, much to the delight of fans. However, a year later Burger dropped out to helm another film.

Sony apparently wants the movie to enter production at the end of this year.