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Under The Waves Brings Aquatic Adventuring To PS5 & PS4 On August 29

Quantic Dream has announced that Under the Waves will launch on August 29, 2023 for PS5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Under the Waves is billed as a narrative-driven adventure game and takes place in 1970, only it’s a techno-futuristic depiction of the era set beneath the waves of the North Sea. Here, professional diver Stan is struggling with a life-changing loss while looking to build a new future.

However, the deep and isolated waters take its toll, as Stan begins to experience strange events and must make a choice: stay lost in the depths or reach the surface and reclaim his future.

A love letter to the oceans, Under The Waves invites you to dive into a gorgeous underwater world, brought to life in a poetic blend of cinematic visuals and poignant storytelling. Live a gripping story through Stan’s eyes and guide him through an unforeseen series of events that will bring him deeper and deeper into the abyss, the reflection of his own psyche.

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Under the Waves will see players exploring the stunning underwater environments of the North Sea, from retro-futuristic facilities to unfathomable depths, while basking in an atmospheric soundtrack. While piloting your submarine, you’ll venture through waves, wrecks and submerged plants while hoovering up backstory pieces, collectibles and more.

Under the Waves is due out on August 29, 2023.