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A Unicorn Overlord Sequel Could Be In The Cards, As Atlus Surveys To See If Players Would Even Want One

Unicorn Overlord is a new turn-based strategy RPG developed by Vanillaware and published by Atlus. It released this past March and is immediately being regarded as a huge step forward for strategy games.

Now, Atlus has started to survey fans to see if they’d want another one. Spotted by SiliconEra, this survey sent to players in Asia appears to be standard fare, with the inclusion of asking players how likely they are to purchase sequels to Unicorn Overlord, were they to be made.

For a brand new strategy RPG IP, Unicorn Overlord has been able to sell relatively well so far, having hit more than half a million units sold in its first month, according to Atlus.

With an 8.4 user rating and an 87 critic rating on Metacritic, it’s also clear that the game has connected with those who’ve played it, critic and the average gamer alike.

These things aren’t surefire indicators that a sequel will be warranted, surely Atlus will wait to see the sales numbers increase further before it makes a final decision on whether or not to help fund a sequel.

That said, it’s clear that Unicorn Overlord struck a nerve with strategy RPG fans, with an art style and vibe players already really dig. A sequel would be very exciting, and make a lot of sense.

Source – [SiliconEra]