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Unity Lays Off Another 256 People As Part Of Its “Reset”

Back in 2021, Unity reached a $1.625 billion deal with Weta VFX purchasing the technology and engineering branch of Weta, and on Tuesday the game engine maker announced it would be terminating that deal as part of a company “reset,” resulting in the cutting of 3.8% of Unity’s workforce, or 256 people being laid off.

The news comes from a Reuters report on the layoff, the latest piece of bad news out of Unity this year after its runtime fee debacle.

Which was followed by the retirement of former Unity CEO John Riccitiello, and James M. Whitehurst named CEO in his place.

This is also the latest confirmed layoff in what’s been an awful year for the industry, with thousands of developers having been laid off this year, with two companies each individually laying off near a thousand people each.

The worst part is that the layoffs don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon, with reports that Embracer Group will close Timesplitters developer Free Radical Design in early December.

Source – [Reuters]