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Unknown 9: Awakening For PS5 Focuses On A Girl Haunted By Visions Of Her Death

Geoff Keighley has lifted the wraps off the brand new narrative-based adventurer, Unknown 9: Awakening, for PS5, PC and Xbox Series X during Gamescom Opening Night Live.

Unknown 9 Awakening Coming To PS5

Here’s the full blurb and a trailer:

Unknown 9: Awakening, is a third-person narrative driven action adventure game created by Reflector Entertainment.

The game tells the story of Haroona, a young woman raised on the streets of Kolkata India and haunted by visions of her own death. Haroona struggles to understand her mysterious innate abilities to manipulate the unseen. A mentor soon helps her hone her gifts, teaches her to access the mysterious hidden dimension known as The Fold and propels her on a journey to unlock the mysteries of this new realm.

Unknown 9: Awakening has yet to attract a release date.