[UPDATE] God of War PS4 release date rumor gathers pace ahead of E3 2017 reveal

god of war release date rumor

UPDATE: Google appears to know something too about the God of War release date. Check out this screenshot. It looks like wikipedia is ready to be updated with the correct launch date (though if you click on God of War wikipedia page that date vanishes. 

kratos gameplay

Original: The God of War PS4 release date could be this Holiday season, according to a new leak.

Spotted by Twitter user Rayyan (TGP), there’s a listing for God of War on YouTube Gaming that lists Kratos’ latest outing as releasing on November 28, 2017 ahead of its undoubted showing later on at Sony’s E3 press conference. This ties in with the previous God of War release date rumor from Kratos’s voice actor.

November 28 falls on a Tuesday, which is conducive with typical video game releases. For the moment, however, we’d take this with a heavy pinch as anyone could’ve put a date into the filed without giving it a second thought.

Sony is missing an ace in the pack for this holiday season to combat the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox One X, and there’s not much in the armory stronger than that of the new God of War title – over 17 million trailer views on YouTube is testament to that alone.

god of war release date rumour ps4

Will God of War’s release date mean it’s Sony’s big-hitter for the holidays?

Perhaps a tenuous rumour at the minute, it’s worth bearing in mind that the game’s director, Cory Balrog, had announced last December that the game was playable from start to finish, though it bears repeating just how much development work would proceed such a milestone.

To flip the script once again, actor Christopher Judge, who plays Kratos, recently had his Twitter bio as ‘God of War (2017)’ but the release date was quickly removed once the news picked up traction amongst various gaming sites.

Either way, given its presumed presence at Sony’s E3 conference, we may find out.

As ever, stay tuned to PSU all through E3 week for the latest and great news in PlayStation.