UPDATE: [email protected] trademarks hint at international localization

UPDATE: The trademarks have been registered in the United States, also.


ORIGINAL ARTICLE: Namco Bandai’s recently filed trademarks in Europe hint at localization of its idol managing simulation game series The [email protected] As shown in the picture below, one trademark is for the franchise name and the other is for the name "Shiny Festa" (short for "Shiny Festival"), a line of [email protected] PlayStation Portable rhythm games released in Japan this past October.

It is surprising to find Namco Bandai considering the idea of releasing the [email protected] series outside of Japan. The games have been around since 2005 with no hints given regarding localization. Perhaps they finally noticed the high interest of Japanese game fans abroad.

The [email protected] is a fairly major franchise in Japan, starting as an arcade game and originally being an Xbox 360 console exclusive. To this day, it has spawned manga, two anime series, a Nintendo DS game and several PSP games. The second major entry, The [email protected] 2, received a PlayStation 3 port last year.

Since the [email protected] Shiny Festa titles are PSP rhythm games, the time and cost for Namco Bandai to localize them is lower. The main games contain a heavy use of the visual novel format, thus containing a lot of dialogue that would need to be translated. Perhaps they will use the localized Shiny Festa games as a way to gauge foreign interest in the [email protected]

Source: Siliconera