[UPDATE] In-game XMB coming June 18?

Earlier this month we reported that trophies would be coming to the PlayStation 3 in the next system update, firmware 2.4. Recently other news outlets have been reporting similar tips, stating that not only will trophies be available, but full in-game XMB and use of custom in-game soundtracks.

According to, PS3 users can expect such features as universal friends lists and in-game messaging. Also it’s been confirmed that Sony already has a title with trophy support on the way. Sony’s Official PlayStation website for upcoming Pixeljunk title, PixelJunk™ Eden, has been listed to support the new trophy system.

"The SDK 2.40 will be available to dev. late in June. The actual Firmware 2.40 might see the light of day a lot sooner (my personal guess would be launch aligned or slightly before MGS4 )." – stated PSU’s forum insider.

Also with the addition of improved Audio/Video communication, it’s safe to say Sony is finally providing it’s users with a better online community, nearing the quality of Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

Stay tuned to for more information.


Videogaming247 has obtained some new tidbits of information regarding the above story.

-Sony is currently shifting through the PlayStation 3’s library of games in order to see if the XMB is fully compatible or not. It is expected the new menu system, in-game messaging etc will function in all games, though the current black menu screen will likely be retained for the majority of titles.

-User music is only included in new development tools, which have only just been distributed to coders. Therefore, existing games won’t utilize the feature unless they are patched to do so.

-The same applies to the new trophy system; developers have only just obtained the tools necessary to input the feature into their software, so it’ll be a while until they show up in games.

-Some elements of the XMB won’t be usable in-game until after the next firmware update, such as the photo viewer.


According to a PSU source, firmware 2.4 is scheduled to release June 18th. Stay tuned for more infomation.