[UPDATE] PSU Readers: You’ve captioned this Cole MacGrath image!

Once again, thank you all for entering. We saw more submissions this time than ever before, and we’re happy you’re all enjoying this game as much as we are!

It was hard to pick the winning entries, so we chose to narrow it down to 5. Enjoy!

Ninthlabyrinth: "Yeah…Kinda killed the civilian with a grenade. Stopped the mugging though…"

Joe-W12-: "I can’t believe that electricity blew off my stylish pony tail"

Shannon Doyle: “"’Come to New Marais!’ he said. ‘It’ll be fun!’ he said. Last time I take Zeke’s advice…"


Brandon Peterson: “I could’ve sworn that pigeon I stunned landed right here. Huh…”

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Next time: Fat Princess