[UPDATE] Report: Dead Space 4 cancelled


Dino Ignacio, UI Lead of Visceral Games, today denied that the Dead Space series has allegedly stopped.

Electronic Arts representatives have come up front and spoken out against the earlier report, but their statements have been rather vague outside of pre-existing Dead Space titles. Dino tweeted, "The reports of our death were greatly exaggerated." After the report was proven false, Creative Director at EA Ian Milham attested to the Dead Space series remaining in existance, but he clammed up when he was asked by Jaime Griesemer, Lead Designer at Sucker Punch, if Ian essentially confirmed that Dead Space 4 was in the works, to which Ian replied, "I confirm nothing except the hooey in that story."

Look into it how you will, but the only thing that’s been confirmed is that the Dead Space series is officially still in existence. 

Original Article:

Publishing giant Electronic Arts has pulled the plug on the unannounced Dead Space 4 following less-than-stellar sales of the third instalment.

That’s according to an anonymous source close to, which claims the next chapter in the scifi horror franchise was in pre-production at Visceral Montreal prior to its axing.

However, EA bigwigs decided to scrap the game’s development after “visiting Visceral Montreal to inform staff that the project had been terminated an announce details of the company’s restructuring.”

Dead Space 3 was released in early February. While it remains unknown just how many units the game sold, EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau commented last year that Isaac Clarke’s latest adventure would have to sell in the region of five million copies globally in order to secure the series’ future.

In the U.K., Dead Space 3 managed to crack the top spot on the All Format Charts, though launch sales were down 27 per cent in comparison to its predecessor.

Critical reception to the Necromorph-slaying sequel hasn’t exactly been glowing either, with coming away quite disappointed in our review.

Stay tuned for more information.