[UPDATE] Rumor: Kratos to appear as PS3 exclusive SCIV character

According to the rumor mill in the August issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, Kratos is to appear as a PS3 exclusive character in Soul Calibur IV.

The magazine states that Kratos will be the next PS3 character revealed, so if the rumor is in fact true, we should be seeing something soon. Also, this will be the first look at Kratos on next gen hardware, and possibly a first glimpse at what to expect from God of War III. Obviously if Kratos appears in SCIV, Namco has cut some deal with Sony, and could be sharing actual assets or character concepts from the upcoming PS3 exclusive.



Update: We have received word from Namco Bandai on the recent rumor, however, as you’d expect, the PR department cannot confirm or deny the rumor.

"We don’t comment on rumors or speculations," said a Namco Bandai representative.

Nevertheless, stay tuned to, as we will be posting our exclusive interview with Namco Bandai later which will provide all new details on Soul Calibur IV later this week.