[UPDATE] Super Street Fighter IV confirmed


A few more tidbits have started trickling in following the game’s official unveiling in Japan today. According to Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono, SSFIV will ship on a single game disc as opposed to arriving on the scene in the form downloadable content, and is currently pencilled for release in spring 2010 for PS3 and Xbox 360. Stay tuned for more details as they become available to us.


French website JV247 has let the cat out of the bag in regards to tomorrow’s planned Street Fighter announcement, confirming Internet gossip that Capcom is indeed working on beat ‘em up follow-up Super Street Fighter IV.

According to the site, SSFIV takes place roughly a year after the events of its older brother, and throws in a host of extra combatants, including the return of veteran brawler, T Hawk.

New to the line-up meanwhile is bad girl Juri, who is apparently in league with Seth and under protection from T Hawk. Other new faces include Dudley, Ibuki, Cody, Adon, Dee Jay, Makoto, Guy and Hakan.

Elsewhere, speculation points to characters being able to unleash two Ultras this time around, one of them being the Air Ultra. Furthermore, it seems that the Bonus Stage may be on the cards again, while the game engine has supposedly undergone numerous tweaks to make it feel considerably different from SFIV.

We’ll have more as it breaks.