[UPDATE] The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to run at 1080p on PS4

UPDATE: Beenox, the game’s developer, has reached out to us on Twitter to correct the information in the Sony Entertainment Network listing:

ORIGINAL: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – the accompanying game release to the filmic namesake – will run at a lowly 720p on PS4, according to the game’s listing on Sony’s Entertainment Network.

Rumours have been rife as to the problematic development process of the game, with the Xbox One version being delayed indefinitely earlier this week. And now the news has broke that the game will run at 720p on Sony’s machine – a testament no doubt to the development issues that have plagued the game since its announcement. 

 Many may – perhaps rightly – point the finger of blame at the pressure developers may be under to complete the game in time for its movie tie-in release date, leaving a finished product that could be both underwhelming and not up to scratch.

That said, despite its resolution, we’ve little idea how the game plays as of yet, although the signs are a little discouraging. Still, stay tuned for our full review – coming soon.

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