[UPDATE] White Knight Chronicles II heading to Europe


SCEE’s Ross Alexander has since revealed that both games will turn up in May 2011. Furthermore, Origins will be up for grabs on both UMD and PlayStation Network.


Sony’s announced that LEVEL-5’s White Knight Chronicles II will be making the transition to Europe at some point.

No release date was given, though a post on the EU PlayStation Blog wasted no time in teasing us with all the juicy details, including the fact that it’ll feature a 30-hour quest, revamped combat and online co-op.

In addition, the post also confirms that the series will be making the jump to PSP in the near future in the form of the Matrix Corp.-developed White Knight Chronicles: Origins

Set 10,000 years prior to the events of the original game, Origins is apparently a 30-hour whopper and throws in four player co-op, as well as the ability to trade quests and avatars with your mates.

Stay tuned.