(UPDATED) RUMOR: Ninja Gaiden 2 cross platform?

The latest edition of EGM Magazine has hit the streets and scans have been circulating the internet that show Ninja Gaiden II, a supposed Xbox 360 exclusive, will be a cross platform title available for the Playstation 3.

Ninja Gaiden 2 is the long awaited sequel to Ninja Gaiden, which pits Ryu Hayabusa on the mission to avenge his clan and save the world. It is being developed by Team Ninja and published by Microsoft and Tecmo.

The screens from EGM can be found HERE.

While this is in no way confirmation of the newest Ninja Gaiden title hitting the PS3, it does open the possibility. Be sure to check back for any updates as they become available.


An EGM editor has since issued a statement on website NeoGAF confirming that the ‘PS3’ listing was an error; the game is not coming to PS3 as far as the publication is aware of.

""this was just a mistake on our end (damn those late-night deadlines!). NG2–as far as I know–is only coming to the 360"