*UPDATED* SEGA brings Olympics to your PS3

Some of us are foolish enough to know that the Olympic Games in 2004 in the context of gaming were simply nothing to write home about.  It was a dull experience that could have definitely used a face-lift and solid online implementation.

Enter SEGA.  SEGA has announced that they have gained the rights to create and develop, Beijing 2008: The Official Game of the Olympic Games.  Now, we have no clue what they were thinking with a title like that, but we’re sure they’ll shorten it a tad. 

This game will be multi-platform and released on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.  Sorry Wii users, this one isn’t for you, though it could have been interesting to say the least.  You’d think the game was meant for physical interaction like the Wii enables.

According to sources, we have been told that the game will feature an entire field of options for online play spanning across 35 individual events.  This can only mean great things for possible “Virtual Olympic Events” with people across the globe.

The Olympics development is currently being handled by Eurocom Entertainment Software and is scheduled to be released sometime this summer, just in time for you to cheer your country on.




Hugh Binns, Director of Eurocom, stated that “Beijing 2008 will set a new standard for sports games in this genre.” He continued to say that, “With a huge number of events,, innovative control schemes to benefit new and experienced gamers, online multiplayer modes providing hours of entertainment and stunning high definition graphics, Beijing 2008 will be a fantastic experience.”

Don Mesa, Marketing Director of Sega of America, added that “Sega has truly embraced the spirit of the Olympic Games first with the launch of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games and now with the official video game for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games.”

“Extending our relationship with Sega to include the Official Video Game of Beijing 2008 strengthens the opportunity to build upon the success of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games.” said Raymon Goldsmith, Chairman and CEO of International Sports Multimedia. “We feel that SEGA will further success of Athens 2004, thereby delivering what will be an outstanding, quality gaming experience.”