Victor Vran targets 60fps on PS4 version and high-res Pro graphics


The developer behind the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of Victor Vran has said that the studio was eager to have the action-RPG running at 60fps on Sony’s flagship home console.

Speaking in an interview with PlayStation Universe recently, Haemimont Games CEO, Gabriel Dobrev, was asked what visual improvements players could expect from the impending PS4 version of the popular demon-slaying title, to which he replied that frame rate was of paramount importance for the studio:

The main thing about running on PS4, is that we wanted to have 60fps, that was the main challenge that we had. The game was running with that, and as you can imagine with PC, there’s always a PC that runs well enough and there is another one that it’s not possible to run that well, but on PS4 we really wanted to have that, and we had to optimise a lot of different cases and really make the game give its best to be able to run at 60fps at all times.”

Elsewhere, Dobrev touched on the PS4 Pro edition of Victor Vran, confirming gamers can expect to play the game in “high resolution” as a result of the console’s “better graphics card.

Victor Vran was originally released on the PC in July 2015 and combines Gothic and fairy-tale elements and implements them into a world where science and magic co-exist. Gamers control the game’s eponymous hero, a demon hunter who travels to the city of Zagoravia to help its citizens fight off a mysterious demonic infestation. 

Stay tuned for our full Victor Vran interview on PSU tomorrow.