Visceral’s Star Wars game by ex-Naughty Dog dev Amy Hennig is not like Uncharted

Amy Hennig, the Creative Director behind the first three Uncharted games, has recently changed positions and is now working on a Star Wars game. This change isn’t uncommon as game industry employee’s frequently switch companies to get better and higher positions elsewhere. However the change did bring in a lot of speculation as to whether or not players would be receiving some sort of Star Wars Uncharted hybrid.

Hennig has come out and stated that this is not the case. She said: “I thought that some of the rules I had used making Uncharted no longer applied. In Uncharted or Indiana Jones you actually kind of stick with Indie the whole time. There are times you cut away, but it’s always something that informs you on what he is doing, like Marion in the tent.”

She continued, “In Star Wars you’re always cutting away to the bad guys and seeing what they’re doing.”

The game is sharing some similarities with Uncharted though, specifically in the development process. The voice actors, for example, are acting out every seen in full motion capture gear together.

Amy added on the topic, “…acting is really reacting, and when you’re recording one actor doing a scene, they need to be reacting to something.”

The untitled Star Wars game is planned to release some time in 2018.