Volition: Sony pushing devs for exclusive trophies

Dan Sutton, Associate Producer on Volition’s upcoming Saints Row 2, has said that Sony is pushing developers to include unique PlayStation 3 trophies in games that aren’t simply carbon copies of the Xbox 360’s achievements system.

"I think Sony is trying to push for unique," said Sutton, during an interview with "They don’t want them to be mimicked, they want to have special achievements in their version. So that’s one thing they’re pushing on that, and they’re saying that if you’re developing something on PS3 we want you to have exclusives for us."

Sutton also confirmed that Volition’s forthcoming Saints Row 2 would feature unique Trophies and Achievements for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, respectively.

"I’m sure there will probably be some that overlap, just because there are some fun achievements that you want to do on both, but yeah. It’s a different system too. There’s like gold, silver, platinum type trophies too, so there’s going to be top level achievements. I guess you have that on Xbox too, with 60 point ones as opposed to 20 point ones. Yeah, there’ll definitely be different achievements for both,” he added.

Saints Row 2 is due out later this year.