War Thunder 1.67 update, patch notes released

war thunder update 1.67

Gaijin Entertainment today announced the launch of War Thunder update 1.67, codenamed ‘Assault!’ The latest patch for the military MMOG includes a trio of new battle locations and 20 new vehicles.

New vehicles include:

  • FV4005 with its deadly 183mm anti-tank cannon
  • ATGM carrier Type 60 APC
  • Type 95 Ro-Go

There’s also a host of new tanks and aircraft for other nations.

The new War Thunder maps in the Assault update includes Guiana Highlands which is for air battles 6,000 feet above sea level, and two maps created for combined arms battles.

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War Thunder update 1.67 will also introduce a new game mode in which players need to fend off waves of tanks from strategic locations on the map.

Gaijin explains:

“ For tankers, combat is fought tank to tank on the ground, with the ability to temporarily support teammates in attack aircraft or bombers. Pilots are tasked with maintaining air superiority over a zone by fending off enemy bombers approaching from all directions. As each successive wave is stronger than the previous one, players have to work together to hold out until the end, upon which they will receive well-deserved rewards.”

Other War Thunder 1.67 patch notes, include flight model changes, location updates, interface amendments and numerous bug fixes. Check out the full changelog.