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War Thunder 1.91 Update Patch Notes Revealed

Gaijin Entertainment has polished off the full War Thunder 1.91 update patch notes for your consumption, confirming a host of new vehicles and bug fixes for the popular World War II dogfighter. Well, that’s not really fair; nowadays, the game has evolved into a full-on multi-tiered combat simulator, with modern jets, tanks, and naval warfare.

War Thunder 1.91 Update Patch Notes

The main highlights for the War Thunder 1.91 update are the addition of night vision for modern jets as well as a brand new nation in the shape of China, which comes complete with 38 new vehicles from World War II to current times. In addition, there’s 12 new aircraft and seven ground vehicles for other nations, eight new choppers, and all-new sound effects.

Gaijin Entertainment has also added three new locations in the shape of the Cargo port, Palau Islands, and the Japanese port.

The list of bug fixes are detailed below. You can view the full War Thunder 1.91 update patch notes here.

  • ТО Melara RЗ armoured cars can now swim.
  • Karo Tei type 2 — The 37mm Type 94 cannon has been changed to the 37mm Type 4.
  • Artifacts appearing when the range for howitzer guns was increased have been fixed.
  • Pr. 1204 Late — The Initial speed of the 53-BR-354 shell has been equated with a similar shell, the PT-76B.
  • The situation when a shot down helicopter that lost its tail rotor maintained horizontal controllability for a limited time has been fixed.
  • Shturm-S — A bug where it wasn’t possible to shoot even after repairing a damaged ATGM launcher has been fixed.
  • Hunter F.6 — A bug with the animation of the flap operation has been fixed.
  • Description for the Т-72А 1983 modification has been added..
  • The ammunition loadout for the Type 75 machine gun has been changed from 1000 to 600.
  • M901 ITV – The vehicle is not able to swim in reality, according to the Operator’s manual for Combat Vehicle, Anti-Tank, Improved TOW Vehicle, M901 | NSN 2350-01-045-1123.
  • MBK Pr.186 — Errors in the armour of main calibre turrets where some armoured plates weren’t displayed in the armour view in hangar have been fixed.
  • T20 — The armour of the upper frontal part has been changed from 76.2 to 63.5 mm according to Royal Army Corps – Technical Situation Report No. 3.
  • The incorrect operation of the air horizon on a number of aircraft and the altimeter on the Bf 109 has been fixed.
  • The shaking (twitching) of the sight on cannons with stabilizer which manifests itself when using hydropneumatic suspension has been fixed
  • Incorrect description of the 12.7mm belts has been corrected on a number of ships.
  • For a number of British cannons at the 4-8 inches calibres, shells with remote detonators have been added – according to BR 932 Handbook On Ammunition [1945] и ряду других источников.
  • HMS Tiger — Armour belt in the area of ammunition magazines has been fixed.
  • Bugs that permitted going beyond the boundaries of the battlefield in the location “Krymsk” have been fixed.
  • Bugs that permitted going beyond the boundaries of the battlefield in the location “Port Novorossiysk” have been fixed.

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