War Thunder PS4: 4 reasons you need to play Tanks

Gaijin Entertainment’s War Thunder has cemented itself as one of PS4’s most underrated gems since its launch in November 2013 (or if you’re from across the pond, June 2014). Sporting pitch-perfect dogfighting, beautiful visuals and heaps of customisation options, the World War II-based air combat romp has continued to see its user base swell and has been tweaked and updated numerous times since hitting the runway—something which we’ve already touched upon in an earlier article.

Still, there’s more to it than air combat. Thanks to an update last summer, War Thunder players have been able to take part in land-based combat thanks to the addition of Tanks, which offers a wealth of armored vehicles to pilot, from standard tanks, artillery to anti-air units. 

For those still on the fence, here’s 4 reasons why you need to leave the cockpit and take Tanks for a spin.

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Tanks isn’t just an add-on for War Thunder; it’s a whole new, separate experience that stands on its own two feet just as much as air combat does—as indeed will be the case with the forthcoming naval battles, too. So, don’t expect a half-assed approach to ground combat here. This is a full-on, new gameplay experience with its own set of rules and nuances. Whether it’s finding a weak point on enemy vehicles or selecting the right ammunition to use against certain units, Tanks is a whole new ball game that requires learning a whole new set of ropes. It’s probably the most strategically rewarding War Thunder experience so far, simply because ground attack is a far more methodical endeavour; especially as you can also plan artillery strikes or hop into a plane quickly to decimate attacking enemies. As such, Tanks is incredibly rewarding, and you’ll be addicted to working out every nook and cranny to get the best out of your efforts. 


Just like the air combat is packed full of iconic fighters and bombers such as the Spitfire and B-17 Flying Fortress, so too is Tanks equipped with a line-up of some of history’s most celebrated ground attack vehicles. So, expect to find the likes of Tiger Tanks, Panthers, Shermans, and the T34 and T44 series. Fans who have experienced the likes of World of Tanks will be pleased to see that the armored ground units have received just as much attention here, with meticulously-detailed recreations allowing you to see everything from individual rivets to the working innards of your chosen vehicle. 


Tanks introduces plenty of new maps to get to grips with, with Domination (capturing areas to deduct points from your enemy) taking the lion’s share of the action. Not only that, but they’re quite dynamic in their own way, with terrain deformation forming part of the package as you rampage over trees, blow apart buildings, and leave gaping holes in the mud. This makes overall makes Tanks a far more exciting place to be than in the air, which while exciting in its own way, doesn’t quite have the same punch as getting stuck into the middle of a massive firefight with several armored vehicles as things are blown to smithereens mere inches away from your viewpoint. 


The aforementioned World of Tanks is an online juggernaut, boasting millions of fans worldwide and for good reason: it’s blood addictive and easy to get into. However, War Thunder Tanks attempts to differentiate itself from its popular contemporary title by going down a more realistic route. As is the case with air combat, which removes health bars for highly-detailed damage modelling and delicate flight handling, Tanks also removes any arcade-esque trappings for a realistic combat experience. Even on Arcade Mode the game isn’t quite as forgiving as other Tank outings, with beautifully-rendered damage modelling resulting in damaged tracks, exploding ammunition, wrecked vehicle exteriors, onboard fires, battered gun turrets, and more—even your crew can take a hammering inside their armored shells. And that’s just the easiest setting. Again, like planes, you can take also take part in ‘Realistic’ and ‘Simulator’ Tank battles, the latter about as close as you’re going to get driving a tank in a video game. It’s intricately designed, but also brutal and unforgiving; this is for hardcore Tank fans only, and another reason why War Thunder does it best.