War Thunder update 1.57 now available for PS4, new aircraft and tanks up for grabs

Gaijin Entertainment has rolled out the latest update for its World War II-based dogfighting MMO, War Thunder, for PlayStation 4 and PC.

Update v1.57, titled Battle March, adds a wealth of new content to the game including over 20 new aircraft and tanks for War Thunder’s 10 million plus user base to get to grips with. In addition, there’s also a series of new game maps to enjoy in the shape of Frozen Pass and Volokolomask. 

Among the new planes available include the USAF’s P-61 ‘Black Widow,’ the Luftwaffe’s experimental  Do 335 heavy fight, the Japanese Ki-83 and the RAF’s S.25 Sunderland sea plane. New ground vehicle additions range from the Falcon AA gun, Chieftain Mk.3, SPG, KV-16 and the Super Pershing tank. 

In addition, the game’s visual effects have also been spruced up a bit, with enhanced muzzle flashes, rocket launch effects, and bomb explosions all looking far more realistic than their previous incarnations. 

Check out a trailer below.