A next gen title developed by the team known as DIGI-GUYS, WarDevil promises to go beyond the conventions of a normal video games.

The game uses a new and sophisticated gaming engine called RTE1080 (real time engine). The WarDevil RTE1080 Engine has been developed by DIGI-Guys to realise the graphical depth and complexity that’s required for the WarDevil game. The RTE1080 is designed to work in 1920×1080 HD and to create a visual style that surpasses the look and feel of pre-rendered FMV sequences.

Players will assume the role of the mysterious WarDevil, traveling through what appears to be a post-apocalyptic world. The game designers said to expect levels in such places as ruined wastelands, desert strongholds, and military bases.

Not much is known yet on whether this game is first person or third person action. All that we know is that WarDevil looks to be a promising title and is highly anticipated for next gen consoles.

Some Clarifications:
WarDevil Enigma was the quick technical demo shown at E3/TGS 06, companion to WarDevil Unleash the Beast Within tech demo from E3 2005… both of which are parts of the overall ‘WarDevil Project’. Outside of the game for PS3, WarDevil is looking to become a feature length film….but more details on that later