Warhawk Dated In Europe

ThreeSpeech has managed to receive the European release dates for Warhawk. Even though the prospect of Warhawk’s release date is exciting for Europeans, they better hold their breath a little bit. The downloadable version will be available on the same day as in America. The 28th of August. The retail version, however, won’t be available until the 21st of September. A bit of a long stretch.

The retail version is out on August 28th in America, and the European one will be over three weeks late. It seems like Europe always gets shafted. Launch times, release times. But, what’s weird about this situation is that the downloadable will be available on August 28th. Now how does that happen and the retail version doesn’t?

Keep your cursors pointed to PSU for more information on Warhawk.

Source: ThreeSpeech