Watch Dogs 2 season pass details and trailer

Details of the Watch Dogs 2 Season Pass have finally been revealed. The Season Pass will give players a slightly larger version of the open world of San Francisco, which will in return give players additional mission content, new co-op challenges, outfits, vehicles and a lot of extra customization items.

Check out the latest Watch Dogs 2 trailer.

The Season Pass comes included with the purchase of Watch Dogs 2 Gold Edition, but can be purchased separately for $39.99 USD.

Players will also unlock a few DLC items as they become available which include:

  • T-Bone Content Bundle: Players will get the style of hacker Raymond “T-Bone” Kenney with his truck and outfit. They will also discover a new co-op difficulty level called “Mayhem” the will put players against a new enemy with advanced weaponry.
  • Human Conditions: Players will participate in new elite co-op missions and face another new enemy type called “Jammer” who has the technology to hunt players down.
  • No Compromise: Players will experience a new story, which has Marcus exploring a shady area of San Francisco where he becomes the target of the Russian Mafia. This also includes a new co-op mode called “Showd0wn” where only the best survive.

That’s not all. Players with the Season Pass will also get Day 1 access to the following ULC packs:

Root Access Bundle: This includes full sets of clothes, cars, a drone skin, a new weapon, and the Zodiac Killer mission.

Psychedelic Pack: Marcus’s outfit, weapon, drone, and car get a groovy style.

Watch Dogs 2 release date incoming

Watch Dogs 2 releases worldwide for the PlayStation 4 on November 15.