Watch Dogs 2 trailer shows San Francisco as your digital playground

The sequel to Ubisoft’s 2014 open world entry let’s you take control of the southern Californian city of San Francisco, and the new Watch Dogs 2 trailer gives us a in-depth glimpse as to what to expect from the open-world playground.

Watch the Watch Dogs 2 trailer

Watch Dogs 2 introduces an open world that’s twice the size of the city of Chicago from its first iteration. Players once again can choose between gung-ho guns blazing versus the stealthier approach, depending on their play style.

The driving mechanics which were criticized in the first game, have been through a major overhaul to make players feel more comfortable. Parkour mechanics have also been improved thanks to a more nimble protagonist in the name of Marcus Holloway.

Players will soon be able to take down the ctOS in the city of San Francisco as Watch Dogs 2 releases for PS4 on Nov 15, 2016. The game will also feature an update to make use of PS4 Pro hardware.