We know you want this steampunk Portal gun

Every once in a while, someone builds something in their basement that we just want to… steal. Sorry, but there’s no real legal way to get something like this without making it ourselves; this thing won’t be mass-produced.

While we attend our weekly kleptomaniac intervention, take a look at the "Aperture Steampunk Handheld Portal Device" below built by batman-n-bananas [DeviantArt]. She wanted to dress as Chell for Halloween, but ended up spending about 3 months crafting this bad boy.

You can build one too, if you want to try — she was nice enough to include a list of the materials she used. Good luck.

“2 antique clock movements, 1 +1/2 hangers, Metal teapot stand, plastic mechano, plumbing parts, 1 plant pot, 1 hair gel pot + various lids, plastic tub (those ones you get nuts in the the supermarket), plastic tubing, lots and lots of nuts and bolts, miniature storage box (for the battery compartment), pocket laser disc (you can get them on ebay if anyone’s interested), 3 lightbulbs, carboard tube, metal covering from an old hairbrush, AV socket, tons of odds and ends from my parents garage, oh and of course the usuals – milliput, humbrol and warhammer paints, hot melt glue and about 6 gallons of superglue.”

Source: DeviantArt