Werewolves to return in Skyrim

Leaks are rife in gaming as we near the end of the year, and this time we discover that Werewolves are set to return to the Elder Scrolls series with the release of Skyrim at the end of this week.

The info comes as part of gameplay video that was leaked online, that seemed to show a questline where the player is able to turn into a werewolf. However that video has since been taken down as per the request of Bethesda’s legal team.

Thankfully, GameSpy managed to nab a few screenshots from the video. You can view the screen screenshots below.







Bethesda is also taking a don’t-confirm-don’t-deny stance on the leak, with Pete Hines tweeting "I haven’t said a word one way or the other and will continue to do so."

Question of the Day: How do you feel about becoming a werewolf in Skyrim?