Western Digital Red 8TB – The Ultimate NAS Hard Drive Solution

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Cloud storage has radically changed the way that we store and view our personal information, professional data and entertainment. The parallel rise of cloud storage alongside Ultra HD 4k video, and 8k just around the corner, is putting the strain on all but the fastest of internet connections. When you combine this with multiple users accessing remotely stored content – typically across a wide variety of devices – even modern fibre connections can begin to struggle to cope.

wd red review

There are a number of market offerings for cloud based file storage. Cloud based file storage options can become confusing as pricing and storage space varies widely. There may also be concerns over where your data is physically stored – you may live in the UK and find your personal data is mirrored to a server in the United States or even further afield.

In the past you may have been tempted to simply upgrade your laptop to one with a higher capacity drive. Perhaps you have decided to install an additional hard drive in your desktop PC. While these solutions make sense for some people, in our increasingly connected world, it makes a lot more sense to store files in a central location. Then those files, those movies and your pictures can be accessed by all of your devices including smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Introducing Western Digital’s line of Red hard drives dedicated to NAS systems

Western Digital has identified that more and more homes have a need to share their content with family members. More and more businesses rely on collaborative working. More and more of us want to access our content from all of our devices.

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is an affordable and reliable solution that is easily integrated into your home network. NAS is pretty simple. It is a box which connects to your existing network. Inside it contains hard disks which store your data. This data is then available to access from all of your devices. NAS offers many features and benefits which allows you to securely and reliably store and share your content, both in your home and across the cloud.

NAS devices are specifically designed from the ground up to offer media streaming, secure file storage, cloud access and collaborative working. The storage within a NAS device is especially important. If we store a lot of our important data in one place then there needs to be checks and balances to ensure that we can access that data when we want – so reliability is a big factor. A regular hard disk can vibrate quite a bit. If you need a lot of storage – and thus a lot of hard disks – it is possible the combined vibration may cause early failure as well as a noisy environment.

On top of this the heat generated by multiple disks in a confined space may also contribute to failure and unreliability. Western Digital has identified the importance of a reliable, affordable and easy to use home storage solution, which is compatible with your current setup and that will continue to work if you upgrade your laptop or tablet. Equally you may well need more storage in the future. Being able to easily upgrade the storage capacity is a key feature.

WD Red can store thousands of movies

WD Red is the latest offering of Western Digital in its specialist NAS range and it’s designed specifically for your NAS device. This 3.5-inch hard disk is available in capacities of 750GB through to 8TB per drive, where it’s possible to build 64TB of storage per NAS device (that’s a lot of movies!)

The larger 5TB, 6TB and 8TB WD Red drives feature the upgraded firmware, NASware 3.0, which offers a simple integration process and improved performance that ensures that downtime is minimal, while reducing energy consumption significantly.

One of the great features about WD Red is that it’s compatible and integrates seamlessly with other systems you have in the home, so if you’re looking to upgrade your current solution, it’s a solid and affordable choice. Furthermore, your data is safe and secure due to the protection against noise and excessive vibration provided by the 3D Active Balance Plus feature. The WD Red range has been specifically engineered and tested in an always on, hot, environment, so noise and vibration are minimised as a design principle. In testing, the noise levels were minimal.

With a super-fast data transfer speeds of 6 GB/second, you can transfer large files swiftly, while application loading times are superfast, and perfect for large game installations. This 8TB version that we’ve received also boasts an impressive cache size of 128MB which ensures a smooth performance.

Energy efficient, reliable, and easy to use, WD Red also comes with premium support 24 hours-a-day directly from Western Digital, as well as an impressive three-year warranty.

As file sizes get bigger, movies get more detailed, and games become virtually indistinguishable from reality, our storage needs will continue to increase. With WD Red you can trust you have a solution that will scale with your needs – and above all, that won’t let you down.

This WD Red 8TB (Model WD80EFZX) was supplied to us by Western Digital. It is available to buy from the Western Digital website.


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