What does PS3 mean on the love scene?

For the longest time, videogames and men have been synonymous with each other. Not to say that women do not play games, because recent data shows that the participation by women in games is increasing. However, on a broader scale, two thirds of all men between the ages of 18 and 34 own a videogame console. So what point are we trying to reach exactly? Simple, this isn’t the 1980s where console gaming isn’t accepted by all men; today most men play videogames on a regular basis and women out in the dating field have a pretty high chance of running into a male gamer.

So for your ladies out there, here are some general stats recovered by three influential individuals. Carl Arinoldo, a NY based psychologist, Ted Owen, a CEO of GGL which is an online gaming network, and Shane Satterfield, Editor in Chief of

They all gave their opinions about what a games consoles such as the PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 can describe about a man. Here is what they thought of the PS3 in relation to men…

Arinoldo: He believes that a PS3 user may imply that the guy is an early-adopter, meaning that he likes to be one of the first to have things. He also believes that because of the initial high price point, it may show that he could have “money in the bank”.

Owen: He mentioned that a PS3 owner is the 21st Century individual who loves gaming and wants the best quality out of his experience….and possibly his women. The PlayStation 3 owner also lives life to the fullest and is sophisticated, intelligent, enjoys competition, and is willing to wait a long time (i.e. in the launch line) for a good thing. Finally, he is also very loyal.

Satterfield: He explains that the PS3 male is in the know. Knows the right people, goes to the finest restaurants, night clubs, and doesn’t have to wait in line. This guy is very difficult to keep up with as he is “always” working and when he is not, he uses videogames as the opportunity to experience leisure.
Ladies…our PS3s are warm and we’re ready and waiting!