What’s your favourite #PlayStationMemory? Twitter gets nostalgic ahead of PS4 reveal

Ahead of the possible reveal of the PlayStation 4 tonight, streamed live at, the Twittersphere is going crazy with gamers reminiscing about their most poignant PlayStation memories.

The hastag #PlayStationMemory is currently trending and browsing through the tweets has brought some memories flooding back to the PSU team.


Here’s some of our favourites…

Showing the passion and commitment that the core PlayStation audience has to get their hands on a console at launch no matter what, @RidentFFXI writes: “Going into town without aid of transport while on crutches and with plaster cast on foot to pick up my PS2 on launch day.”

@DanielCake shows just how much technology has moved on over the years. Remembe these days? “#PlayStationMemory using the PS2 network adapter to play Tony Hawks online and having to turn it off because people wanted to use the phone.”

But even then, some of the graphics on PS2 were amazing,right? @Kegs11 sums it up nicely: “#PlayStationMemory Driving a blue Mitsubishi Evo VI round Apricot Hill on GranTurismo 2 thinking "Just how can they improve these graphics?".

@mr_krispy_kreme hits the nail right on the head in describing the talent of some PlayStation gamers, which came to the forefront for the first time in LittleBigPlanet. “#PlayStationMemory Playing my first online level in LittleBigPlanet and wondering how the community was so incredible at creating,” he writes.

There’s some funny tweets too that we can definitely identify with, for example @gingpin writes: “#PlayStationMemory Playing Abe Escape/Oddworld and finding out how to make him fart….done it for hours a did,” while @AshCee96 remembers the time her mum was scared out of her wits.”

#playstationmemory watchin mum&kit playing resident evil&repeating the same level trying to get through&being scared of the monsters!” she tweets.

Inevitably, there’s many memories surrounding some of PlayStation’s best games. @SagheerNasrulla writes: “#PlayStationMemory How Can I forget the ever so great stealth espionage action Metal Gear Solid ❤” while ‏@darylsudden reminisis over a completely different game: “#PlayStationMemory The Legend of Dragoon. Has to be the RPG that had the biggest impact on me, lost myself completely in the world,” he tweets.

Join in the fun on Twitter using the hashtag #PlayStationMemory and let us know your favourite memories below.

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