Where will Metal Gear go next?

The Metal Gear Solid series has a conundrum. Metal Gear Solid 4 effectively tied up the series; all the villains are dead and Solid Snake is soon to meet his mongoose. This leaves Raiden as the obvious successor, but he divides fan’s opinions like melons in his trailer and seems to have been put on spin-off duty. Assuming that Raiden’s place is now in a separate game series, there are many possibilities for MGS5, but here are my favourites: a fresh start or another delve into the past.

For the benefit of anyone who hasn’t played MGS4 – spoiler alert – Solid Snake survives and the evil organisation ‘The Patriots’ is erased. (Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that the PlayStation Universe police are after you, so get a copy. NOW!) This means Snake has won and the world is at peace.

In other game series, the door is always open for one more adventure as the main character is locked in a time bubble. Just look at Sonic and Mario; if they aged they would be tucked up in a care home by now, playing Pong. Hideo Kojima took the brave step of not only ageing Snake but, due to our hero being a clone, rapidly ageing him.

Now I hope you all agree, nothing would be worse than dragging Snake out in a wheelchair, to fight against a random new world threat. Metal Gear has had some farfetched moments, (take any of the bosses) but bringing Snake back would be taking the ridiculous to a whole new level. It would be disrespectful to what has been one of gaming’s greatest series, and therefore I am not even going to contemplate it.

So here’s what would be great: remakes of the MSX2 games. I love the MGS series, but I must admit; I haven’t played the original two. I have a valid excuse; I wasn’t born. It is possible that most other MGS fans have played them, as they were released in MGS 3: Subsistence, and are included in the HD collection. Be honest though have you? I thought not. For those basking in their devotion to MGS having played the games, I bow to my superiors. But wouldn’t you love to re-live the epic tale of how a legend was born, with the power of the PlayStation 3 and give Hideo Kojima another chance to polish it? It gives me the shivers!

Justin Hutchinson of ‘Dualshockers’ disagrees however, commenting, ‘If Kojima wants to do more within the Metal Gear universe, he has only one real option left; a new cast of characters.’ There is definitely scope in a new series, as I will go onto, but we shouldn’t rule out remakes and here’s why: The beauty of remaking the originals is that it would bring the titles to a new generation, in 3D form. Another reason to remake is that it allows Kojima to not leave the series dead in the water. My greatest fear is that Kojima starts a new series of Metal Gear games, then leaves. We would get one great game and then a mess. He has on many occasions hinted that he would like to move on from Metal Gear. That is fine, as he has made many other classic games and I have no doubt he will make many more. But if he can’t see through another series, then he should complete the one he has by giving the originals the remakes they deserve!

On the other hand, if Kojima still has the passion; give us a spiritual successor. Developers like Team Ico, Ninja Theory and Nintendo have shown that you don’t have to make sequels set in the same storyline, or even in the same universe. There is hot debate between Zelda fans as to the relationships between the games. To my limited knowledge there isn’t one. But does that affect the enjoyment of playing them?

The key ingredients that need to be kept are simply; one man, sneaking in somewhere, finding out that everything isn’t as it first seemed, having to fight crazy bosses, before a colossal showdown with a massive robot. It could be set anywhere: in space, the past, the future, even a parallel dimension where mushrooms rule the world. I wouldn’t care. As long as Kojima was behind it writing and directing, it would be a classic. 

However, this may be viewed as ‘blasphemy’ to a hard-core Snake lover, (I hope for their sake they don’t call themselves that) as it would be leaving behind a rich history. As I was reminded by PSU’s very own Timothy ‘BossSnake’ Nunes, the MGS series left a loose thread in regards to the ‘Big Boss’. We see that he has created an army without borders, but we haven’t seen him create hostility. It would make for an interesting addition to the series, without going over a previous story.

Finally to the conclusion! Metal Gear Solid 5 has a plethora of opportunities to become the greatest PlayStation game to date, whether it is an origins story, a remake, or an entirely new start with another cynical super soldier set on Mars. As long as they don’t linger in the twilight of Snake’s last moments; brutally squeezing out the last drops of excitement. We shall all be donning our cardboard boxes and fighting mountain sized mechs!

Article by Tom Burton