Why Resident Evil 6 haters should cross their fingers for a RE: Revelations port

As far as core titles go, Resident Evil 6 ranks as easily the most polarizing game in the long-running horror series to date. While objectively a solid third-person shooter, long time Resi pundits were largely disappointed with the sequel’s lack of nods to its survival horror past, as the series continues its inexorable descent into full-blown Michael Bay blockbuster territory. In fact, it’s probably already there.

Still, in the midst of all this fan uproar is a little gem known as Resident Evil: Revelations. Released on 3DS a year ago, this portable horror fest adheres to its survival horror roots far more so than any of the past few console iterations. In fact, many labelled it the return to form that fans have been clamouring for all this time. And the best part is it might be headed to both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the near future.

Given the amount of backlash Capcom has received on RE6 – not to mention the game by the company’s own admission didn’t sell as well as they had hoped – a home console port of Revelations could be just the ticket. The game itself eschews much of the action-oriented antics of Resident Evil’s 4, 5 and 6, instead offering a far more methodical, brain-teasing adventure where ammo conservation and puzzle-solving are the order of the day. Sure, there’s still plenty of combat to be had – notably in Chris’s sections – but Jill’s scenario (the meat of the action) is as close to classic Resi as you’re likely going to get for a while, if ever.

Even the setting – an infected cruise liner – is pure nostalgia, recalling the spooky, semi-gothic aesthetic of the Spencer Mansion. Furthermore, this allows Capcom to go to town in ramming claustrophobic corridors down our throats, again recalling those days of static cameras and tank controls. No, zombies aren’t in the game, but the main foes – known as Ooze – share the same shambling, flesh-eating desires as their rotten predecessors. Throw in some classic returning B.O.W.s like the Hunters, plus the ability to upgrade weapons, scan the environment, and you have the perfect Resi package.

While the port has yet to be confirmed, we’ve already seen it turn up on a Korean age ratings site, plus achievements for the 360 version have been leaked too. We’ll be sure to keep you in the loop.