Will any of these great characters appear in Mortal Kombat X’s Next DLC Pack?

Ed Boon and the team over at NetherRealm Studios have recently announced that there would be a second culmination of downloadable fighters coming to the latest entry of their popular fighting game franchise, Mortal Kombat X. Seeing the great success of the first combat pack, appropriately titled: Kombat pack 1, it seems as though NetherRealm will be hard at work over the next few months bringing these new characters to light, providing extra depth, story and more gruesome fatalities to the already robust character line-up.

As the fighters for this next DLC instalment have yet to be revealed, fans can only speculate as to which characters have made the cut. Ed Boon, in traditional Ed Boon fashion, teased an image where four silhouettes can be seen. Given what we see from the image below and from what fan favourites are currently missing from the game, here are some ideas as who could be soon entering Mortal Kombat X’s bloodied arenas.

mortal kombat x smoke


Definitely a fan favourite from 2011’s Mortal Kombat, Smoke is sorely missing from this current roster. His powerful move set and dominating presence can be an asset to an already unique character line-up. Smoke is briefly seen during a faction kill within the game. It would be great to see him return as a fully-fleshed out character.

mortal kombat x dlc


Now, how cool would this be? Seeing Spawn in Mortal Kombat X could definitely become a reality since Todd McFarlane has openly said that he had given Warner Brothers permission to use Spawn in the game. However, he has given them a timed window to use this iconic character so it’s definitely up to Warner Brothers and the team over at NetherRealm to really take advantage of this gift; and who doesn’t like gifts, right Warner Brothers?

picture of spawn


Originally making his debut in Mortal Kombat 2, Baraka is instantly recognizable within the Mortal Kombat universe. His bladed arms and rage-stricken personality causes him to stand out. Plus, there is already a build of him within the game as he can be fought within the story mode. NetherRealm would have less work to do to bring this fighter back as a playable character.

Baraka coming to ps4

Bo Rai Cho

This drunken martial arts master originally made his debut during Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance. His unique move set included vomiting on the ground during a match and having his opponent slip on it, making them vulnerable to attack. It also included flatulence and a drunken arts style of fighting. He is definitely not the classiest of fighters but he is still interesting and entertaining none the less. Bo Rai Cho is currently only seen during cut-scenes in Mortal Kombat X’s story mode.


Ed Boon has admitted being a big fan of the Alien film franchise. This Xenomorph would definitely be a formidable foe in Mortal Kombat X. Having Predator already a playable character in the game, who wouldn’t want to see that classic mash up of Alien versus Predator within the realm of Mortal Kombat? I know I would.


Sharing the same fate as Baraka, Sindel has not been included as a playable character in Mortal Kombat X but rather as an opponent that can be fought during the story mode of the game. I can’t see NetherRealm not including a female character within the pack so Sindel would definitely make sense to return fully playable.

sindel mortal kombat x

Noob Saibot

A fighter that was originally named after the creators of Mortal Kombat, John Tobias and Ed Boon, Noob Saibot started off by just being a secret fighter that could be fought during the original MK games, to a fully fleshed out character with a unique move set during later games. He is a very popular fighter with a mysterious origin story. Will the shadow ninja return? We will have to wait and see.


Who doesn’t like an elemental powered god who kicks major MK ass? Fujin is frequently seen within the MKX story mode fighting alongside our other favorite elder god, Raiden. His move set utilizing wind could definitely be interesting to see since we haven’t seen him fully playable since Mortal Kombat Armageddon.

There are so many Mortal Kombat characters that unfortunately won’t again see the light of day but given enough fan feedback, NetherRealm studios may definitely be swayed to include fighters they may have otherwise overlooked for one reason or another. Kombat pack 2 is due out in early 2016.

Who would you like to see as DLC in Mortal Kombat X?

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