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Will you buy the new Xbox 360-styled controller for your PS3?

We’re very happy with our DualShock 3 controller for PlayStation 3, but it seems that others maybe aren’t so keen. Talking with Speedlink at GamesCom 2011, we discovered that the peripheral manufacturer is on the verge of releasing a curious new product, the XEOX Wireless gamepad for PS3.

What makes this controller so unique is that it’s the first pad that mimics the style of the Xbox 360 controller, but it’s designed specifically for PS3 gamers. In terms of form factor, it does feel identical to the black wireless Xbox 360 controller that comes bundled with the Xbox 360 Elite, but it has a few minor changes.


A turbo button sits just to the right of the d-pad for rapid-firing, while the traditional PlayStation symbols on each of the buttons differ slightly from Sony’s official pads. Instead of coloured symbols, Speedlink has opted for a simple black and grey design.

You’ll also notice that the central, circular button, which opens up the XMB, is illuminated in Xbox-green when the controller is turned on and if you look at the control from arms length the ‘XEOX’ branding actually looks like it says Xbox. Having had our hands on the XEOX prototype at GamesCom, it does feel a little weird handling a controller that is so similar to Microsoft’s official pad, yet using it to play games on the PS3. But, Speedlink really does believe there’s a market out there for this kind of product.

Is DualShock 3 that bad that you’d consider buying an Xbox 360 controller, or do you think the Xbox 360 controller feels more comfortable than the DualShock3? Let us know your thoughts.

The XEOX Wireless Gamepad goes on general sale in October 2011.